Parent Involvement

We welcome and encourage your involvement within our centre, and invite you to share your aspirations for your child’s learning. Your participation in centre life will support us to provide the right experiences and environment for your child.

We host parefish and chip nightnt/whanau events which encourage teachers, along with you and your child to strengthen relationships and enjoy each other’s company. These events are also a great way to meet the parents of the children your child plays with and talks about.

Often you will be invited to participate in further fun experiences to support your child’s learning. These types of experiences are a valuable extension of learning from within the centre and model for your child that learning is fun!

Our Centre Christmas Party is one of our major events each year. This is held in December and we invite extended family to attend also. We provide food, entertainment and where appropriate the children perform……and let’s not forget a visit from the man in the big red suit with his sack full of presents!

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What People Say

Each room has really special teachers and your experience with kids is amazing. Our boy has overcome some of his hurdles and you all made that happen!

Parents of a 4 year old boy

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