Angela - centre manager

Meet Centre Manager: Angela Lunam

Angela Lunam loves her role as Centre Manager at Penguins School of Early Learning. With her clear child-centric approach, she focuses on continuing to deliver a safe, stimulating and fun-filled environment for the preschool's young learners.

As an early childhood education specialist, Angela has over 25 years of teaching experience and has been involved in preschool centre management for more than 14 years. Constantly delighted by her daily interactions with her little charges, the busy mum of three loves to see children thrive as they become happy, enthusiastic and self-assured individuals.

"Early childhood education (ECE) plays a significant role in a young learner's life," says Angela. "A child's first five years are crucial in determining how they will learn in the future, and ECE builds on the learning children have already gained at home. With the right education and encouragement, they are more likely to be confident and curious about the world, which will help them to engage later at school."

Passionate about the quality and performance of educational programmes, Angela promotes Penguins' inquiry and play-based learning curriculum in a warm and positive atmosphere that welcomes and nurtures all children.

"Play and active investigation develop self-regulation and advance language, cognition and social abilities," Angela explains. "Play gives children opportunities to develop physical competence and enjoyment of the outdoors, understand and make sense of their world, interact with others, express and control emotions, develop symbolic and problem-solving abilities and practice emerging skills.

"Having the opportunity to observe our preschoolers grow and develop is something I enjoy very much as a teacher. We experience each child's challenges and triumphs first-hand, and seeing their reactions when they discover something new brings me a lot of joy."

For Angela, the hallmark of a great early learning centre is one built on strong relationships.

"It's essential to build solid relationships with our families to ensure we properly meet and support each child's unique learning requirements and motivations," she adds. "Working with parents and caregivers, our team of highly-skilled educators encourage our children to pursue individual interests while still emphasising the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

"This works to enhance children's sociable and emotional expertise, helps strengthen their conversation skills, and develops their confidence. We frequently see children forming their own team routines during their playtime."

Described by friends and colleagues as someone who is committed to what she believes in, respectful of others, and an enthusiastic self-starter, Angela is certain they would likely comment on the love and dedication she has towards her job as well.

"Anyone who knows me well would probably mention how passionate I am about children's learning," she confirms.