Kea Room (3-4 year old)

Our room has a dynamic group of teachers, who are all passionate and enthusiastic about working with your wonderful 3 year old. We are warm and patient in our approach with children, and we aim to provide learning experiences and opportunities that support each child’s journey.

Meet our Team

Britney Bishop-Kea room-a

Britney Bishop

Educator, Kea room

Litao Chen-Kea room-a

Litao Chen

Team Leader, Kea room

Sukhi Kaur-Kea room-a

Sukhi Kaur

Educator, Kea room


Tui Room (3-4 year old)

We have a fantastic group of teachers in our team, and we all bring unique qualities and interests to our work each day.

We all have a passion for working with children and in collaboration together we aim to provide a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment for your child and family. Our focus is to provide learning experiences that help your child with their individual learning journey and support them to reach their individual learning outcomes.

Meet our Team

Gemma Hotton- Tui Room-a

Gemma Hotton

Educator, Tui Room

Harriet Roles-Tui room-a

Harriet Roles

Senior Teacher, Tui room

Kiran Kaur-Tui room-a

Kiran Kaur

Team Leader, Tui room

Max Longden-Tui room-a

Max Longden

Educator, Tui room


Kiwi Room (4-5 year old)

Our Kiwi team consists of 4 teachers, who all have different strengths and interests, just like your child.  A feature of our room is the close relationships we have with our families, we will always try and make time to chat with you all! We look forward to you and your child being part of the Kiwi room and we hope you enjoy your child’s journey with us.

Meet our Team

Beatrice Tan-Kiwi room-a

Beatrice Tan

Team Leader, Kiwi room

Clariss Law-Kiwi room-a

Clariss Law

Senior Teacher, Kiwi room

Leo Yin- Kiwi room-a

Leo Yin

Senior Teacher, Kiwi room

Samantha Meehan Harris-Kiwi room-a

Samantha Meehan Harris

Senior Teacher, Kiwi room


Kakapo Room (4-5 year old)

The Kakapo room have a wonderful team of teachers who come from a range of different training backgrounds which include early childhood and primary. We have a diverse team who all bring their unique stamp to the room. As a team we are passionate about preparing children for a smooth transition to school in a welcoming, fun, supportive, nurturing and creative environment. We look forward to meeting you.

Meet our Team

Courtney Newell-Kakapo room-a

Courtney Newell

Senior Teacher, Kakapo room

Crystal Ng-Kakapo room-a

Crystal Ng

Senior Teacher, Kakapo room

Jennie Cronje-Kakapo room-a

Jennie Cronje

Team Leader, Kakapo room

Natalie Lamb-Kakapo room-a

Natalie Lamb

Senior Teacher, Kakapo room

Vicky Viviers-Landman-Kakapo room-a

Vicky Viviers-Landman

Senior Teacher, Kakapo room