The Importance of Parent Participation

Have you stopped in your child’s room to see what they have been doing whilst at Penguins lately? Many teachers believe parent participation within the classroom is important as it provides the children with a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Teachers also appreciate that parents are the prime educator in their child’s life.

The partnership between the teacher, parent and child is considered to be most valued when settling your child into their classroom. This is valued, as the partnership is a positive role model for creating a warm and comforting environment for your child to play in. When positive communication between the teacher and parent is seen by the child it provides the children with a sense of safety and trust within their environment. Our desire as teachers is to create an environment where children and parents feel valued. We want to enter into dialogue with you when you have the time to stop in, or you may be wondering where do I find the time to take part in my child’s learning journey while at Penguins?

There are many ways to show your feedback and contributions. This is where the blogs can benefit you and your child. Together you can take the time to sit down and look through what exciting adventures your child has been participating in during their week. As you scroll through their page you can click to enlarge any of their stories. Why not leave a note for the teachers as we love to hear your feedback. Providing the teachers with feedback builds the relationship between teacher and parent as well as closes the gap between home and centre. As you sit with your child you may find out a little more as they explain what they get up to with us.

Other ways to contribute are to ask the teachers about how your child has been spending their time or even letting the teachers know about something they have enjoyed at home. Feel free to take the time to observe your child playing with their friends or on their own. Teachers also encourage you to take your child’s portfolio home and add any information you feel is important. We have parents who have shared their time with us in the centre. Here is one of our parents’ thoughts on parent participation “As parents, we lead a busy life, whether rushing out the door to get to Penguins or getting home before the madness starts. I find when I do stop, look and share, with my children and teachers we can all learn such a lot. Life is all about relationships and children follow our lead”. We couldn’t agree more.

Haley S

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Each room has really special teachers and your experience with kids is amazing. Our boy has overcome some of his hurdles and you all made that happen!

Parents of a 4 year old boy

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